80/20 Enduro Oslo – 11. Rang

First Enduro Race

After a good run I finished 4th place in the seeding run behind Ex-Worldcup Downhiller and Norwegian Downhill-racers from the National team. I was quit stocked and pretty nervous for the race on the next day.

Short sum-up of the Race: It was raining the whole day and the trails were muddy and f**king slippery. I’ve got a flat tire after the first stage – 20 min to the next stage was not enough time to put a tube on. After I refilled my tire with air I had to sprint up the hill to stage two. I lost nearly all air again – I refilled my tire till two minutes before the start to stage two – I rode stage two, the longest stage, with a halve-flat tire. I tried to ride as smooth as possible – because stage three was cancelled I had enough time to put a tube in my tire. To avoid a flat tire again I filled a lot air in – Stage 3 and 4 I had two crash – maybe to much air in the tire and after all the trouble I had too tired.

I finished 11th what was still pretty awesome…


photo by Alice Grindheim


photo by Svenn Fjeldheim


photo by Svenn Fjeldheim



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